The EUROBELT finger plates are used with the Raised Rib type of Series E20, Series A24, Series E30 and Series E41. The transference can be done in the same direction or at 90 degrees, and it is carried out by the own push of the containers among themselves.

The transference is performed in a tangential way, both in the belt that delivers the containers and in the belt that receives them, avoiding the stumbling of the product with the edges of transference plates, also called dead plates, as well as the possibility of falls by overturning.

It is the ideal transference system for big accumulation tables, palletisers or depalletisers, pasteurisers and intersections of transport lines.


In applications in which the containers have little stability, the transference area can be covered with a small dead plate made of a material of a low coefficient of friction.

It is placed in transferences to be made in the same direction, and it is recommended to be combined with belts of having a small pitch like Series C12, Series E20, Series A24 or Series E30, and turn diameters as small as possible in order to reduce the length of the dead plate.


Using the Series E31 Lateral-Transfer Flat Top, dynamic and smooth lateral transferences can be carried out with no need of finger plates.

With one of its edges bevelled we manage to bring nearer the belts taking part in the transference, whereas the lower guides keep the belt aligned.

It has been designed for those applications in which we want to avoid the retention of containers in the transference area as well as to achieve more efficiency in their movement.


When the containers to be conveyed have a considerable dimension and a good stability, the transference area uses to be covered with free or motorised rollers.

This system is suitable both for transferences in the same direction and for those performed at 90 degrees.

It can be carried out with any of our belts.