Action on COVID-19

From Eurobelt we have organized ourselves to serve our customers at all times, not leave them alone and accompany them, with our applications, to meet their needs and now more than ever, thanks to our continued growth in line with new technologies and always thinking and innovating with and for our customers.
Being one of the few Plastic Modular Belt manufacturers with more than 40 years of experience and some of them resist over 20 years, becomes a strength to give the customer the best of the answers both in the peninsula market and abroad.


Stay home, we’ll be right by your side.


That is why we have developed an Online Remote Assistance APP so that our customers always have a channel where they feel that we are by their side in the current circumstances.

We also have the company’s WhatsApp where we can answer any questions that come to us, and all the delegates are available on their mobile phones and ready to solve the issues.



At a time when circumstances are not pushing everyone in the same direction, that is to say with closed borders, part of industry and commerce is paralysed, as could not be otherwise since our health is at stake. It is now that companies have to demonstrate their value and make their commitments to customers a reality.



It is a luxury for us that Eurobelt is at the forefront of Plastic Modular Belt worldwide working with the most demanding customers, OEM, corporate contracts and hand in hand with all levels of the company.
Offering innovative technical solutions.

The entire Eurobelt Team stands in solidarity with all those affected. It assumes the measures taken for the control and eradication of this our current enemy, confirming that all our decisions will be aimed at giving the best response to each of the companies that need a Plastic Modular Belt.
Eurobelt Commitment: To save money to its customers with a professional and close business model.
We are very close to you.

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