Eurobelt signs its first Equality Plan to achieve effective equality

We are pleased to announce that in 2023 Afher Eurobelt, S.A. has taken an important step forward for effective equality, by signing the I Equality Plan between the Company and the Workers’ Representatives.

The elaboration of this Equality Plan is a commitment for the future and is focused on favouring the incorporation, permanence and development of men and women with the purpose of achieving equal opportunities and to benefit the quality of life and opportunities.

Moreover, it is included as Annex I the Protocol of prevention and action against sexual harassment and harassment for reasons of sex, by means of which Afher Eurobelt, S.A. commits itself to regulate the problem of sexual harassment and harassment for reasons of sex, establishing a method to be applied in order to inform and raise consciousness as well as to solve the claims related to harassment, with the due guarantees and taking into consideration the constitutional and labour regulations and the declarations related to the applicable fundamental principles and rights at work and their possible modifications.

This plan and its annexes will be valid for 4 years, starting on 1st July 2023 and ending on 30th June 2027 and will be applicable in the only work centre of Afher Eurobelt, located in Calle Topacio, 41 47012 – Valladolid for the entire staff of the company, as well as for the people assigned by temporary employment agencies (ETT) during the periods of service provision.


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