Modular System Characteristics

The EUROBELT conveyor belts are moulded with technical plastics forming a structure of injected pieces interlaced in an advanced design, whose configuration makes them be the suitable support for conveying food and industrial products.
Their modular configuration allows us to manufacture a made-to-measure belt for you.
We will introduce the rod in the hole existing across every module to join the different lines of modules that make up the belt.
The fastening of the rods is carried out by means of extractable caps. These caps will be inserted into the lodgings existing for that purpose in the end modules.

Noiseless and light: Due to their low weight, the support structures are light and easy to handle, needing motors of lesser power, which implies an energy saving.

No need to apply any lubricant: Minimum coefficient of friction that avoids the traditional lubricant sprinkling, improving the work conditions, reducing the maintenance, and eliminating the problem of wet products.

Reduced costs: Modular configuration which makes possible the assembly and dismantling, solving any problem “in situ” by replacing just the damaged modules in a very short time, which implies a cost saving with regard to stops in production lines and maintenance of spares in stock.

Positive traction, avoiding possible slips: The direct traction is carried out by means of sprockets that eliminate slips in the drums, lateral displacements, and other problems of conventional systems. Furthermore, the use of square shafts avoids the need of keyways, strengthens the traction, and absorbs the expansions between the plastic sprocket and the metallic shaft.

Total safety in manipulation: Total safety for workers when manipulating the product directly on the belt, avoiding the risk of accidents and improving therefore the working conditions.

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