Metal and XRay detectable belts.

Many end-users from food industry have shown their concern when using our conveyors belts and some unfortunate, but possible, breakage takes place giving as a result plastic fragments that can get mixed with the product.

Eurobelt has developed a conveyor belt injected in a plastic material capable of being detected by the X-Ray detectors in particles of 2 or 3 mm of spherical radius.

With this innovation Eurobelt incorporates in its conveyor belt range a new solution to the contamination problems.

Appropriate for the direct contact with food, and with a great work temperature range from — 40ºC to +80ºC, this type of material is suitable for those applications in which we can foresee its migration to the product, for instance, in the cutting or impact areas, elevating conveyors, or in all those applications in which the product will be manipulated on the belt.

This new material observes the US FDA 21CFR and the European Regulations with regard to direct contact with food.

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