Know our history

Why Eurobelt?

In the past, the user of conveyor belts chose the belt according to the Price.

Later on, as the competition increased, the Delivery Time became the most important thing.

Nowadays the Quality of the Product is the determinant factor.

The quality of our products is obtained by using upto-date equipments and plastic materials in all the manufacture process. Eurobelt accomplishes quality controls and tests in all their production processes in order to offer the best product of the market.

EXPERIENCE Guaranteed by a highly skilled team with more than 20 years of experience in the internal transport of product.

QUALITY Demonstrated and certified for the manufacture, assembly, and commercialisation process.

TECHNICAL ADVICE Customized service of technical advice which guarantees the efficiency of our work.

COMMITMENT Eurobelt delivers your belt in 5 working days and, in case of emergency, in less than 8 hours without any extra charge.

DESIGN Our technical department, in constant innovation and tight collaboration with our customers, is developing new solutions day after day for the more diverse transport applications.

SAFETY The geometry of our belts takes care of the safety during the direct handling on the belt.

AVAILABILITY Our after-sales service guarantees the immediate availability to replace and repair any component of the belt.

PRICES Gathered in an only price list for the entire world.


Our position of leader in the conveyor-belts market engages us to a continue innovation of our products, so that Eurobelt has modern installations in order to give the best service to our customers.

SALES DEPARTMENT We know your industry, your applications, and your needs. So our sales department will provide you all the technical advice your company may need from the beginning.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT A team of engineers, devoted exclusively to the development of new products, assures our commitment to supply the best solutions to all your requirements.

MANUFACTURING The Eurobelt conveyor belts are moulded with technical plastics forming a structure of injection pieces which constitutes the suitable support for transporting food and industrial products.
The quality of our products is due to the use of state-of-the-art equipments and plastic materials in the whole manufacturing process.
In order to be able to provide the best delivery time in the market, Eurobelt has a surface of 4.000 m2 in its premises to stock all the pieces that will form your conveyor belt.

ASSEMBLY The injection pieces are interlaced forming rows which, joined by means of connecting rods, which are retained at every side by removable caps, constitute your conveyor belt. This modular configuration enables to customize you belt according to your application needs.

QUALITY Eurobelt makes quality controls and tests in all and every production process in order to provide you the best product of the market.

DISPATCH Once the manufacturing of your belt is finished, our dispatch department makes a final inspection before packing it.
Eurobelt uses the most modern packing methods to avoid any damage of your product during the transport.

INDUSTRIES « Eurobelt is present in most of the industries. »

AFTER-SALES SERVICE « However our commitment does not end here, we will keep on working together so that your belt fulfils all your expectations. »


Co-financed Eurobelt Projects:
Eurobelt develops projects witch, by their nature, can be selected for financing in accordance with current regulations, in European environment (FEDER funds), national, regional or local level.
They are listed below, in the following pdf file:  Proyectos_Cofinanciados-21junio22

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